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Novosibirsk, Russia



Full production

We specialize in manufacturing single and double wall paper cups for hot beverages. Our production facilities are located in Novosibirsk, Siberian Federal District, Russia.

In our production, we use state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade materials. We offer 250 mL, 350 mL, and 450 mL blank and printed cups. To accommodate the needs of our customers, we use flexographic printing to produce cups with custom artwork and logos. You won’t have to limit the creative vision of your design — CMYK flexographic printing enables us to apply a whole array of colors.


Our cups are manufactured from high-quality paperboard of the Finnish brand Stora Enso

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    For the production of printed cups, we use the flexographic printing press. We apply eco-friendly water-based ink to manufacture branded cups with logos or any design of your choice.

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    After printing, future cups are fed into a high-speed guillotine-type cutting machine that produces small sheets known as flats. This high-precision equipment guarantees steady operation and exact positioning of the cups’ artwork.

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    Next, the flats are fed into the cup assembly machine, which seals its sides and attaches the cup bottom. The cup then goes through a double rim formation step to ensure the durability and consistency of the cup’s diameter.

Output quality control is implemented by a built-in photoelectric error detection system that can identify damaged, stained, or defective cups. The automatic detection technology safeguards the quality of our cups, satisfaction of your customers, and reputation of your company.

  • All of our products are certified and tested.
    • Certificate of Conformity certificate certificate certificate
  • Our company participates in trade fairs every year.
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